360-Degree Tax Resolution

Your "360-Degree" Partner for Tax Help and the Complete Restoration of Financial Health

If you asked the average tax relief company what they do, most would say that they “leverage prior experience dealing with the IRS to negotiate a resolution that our clients can live with.”

This is, without a doubt, a valuable service that provides real relief if it is done right; and indeed, this is a service that we excel in. But this is just one of the services we offer clients…

A fundamental difference in perspective exists between us and the average firm. It’s not just that we only entrust your case to experienced Enrolled Agents, who also happen to be Certified Public Accountants and Tax Attorneys. It’s that we want to do everything in our power to help restore your financial health. This includes showing you how to manage your financial affairs differently to prevent falling behind again. 

We want to enable you to sleep better at night, take a vacation, buy a car, or start a family. And to help you get on with your life, we offer free financing and negotiable payment plans (in contrast to most tax resolution companies who require large retainers up-front, or stop work if fees collected are less than work done).

Rest assured, if you’re in a precarious financial situation involving taxes of any sort, we can help. Get in touch with us via phone or website to let us know how we can help.


eResolution™ Client Portal

eResolution™Center users gain 24/7 access to their case and receive one-on-one access to their case manager and a team of tax professionals.